• Pole Barn Post Hole

Post-Frame Steel

Drilling for a post goes quickly if there are no rocks:

Auger Video

Can be up to 15′ tall, any machine or vehicle can fit perfectly!

Widths of 18′ to 40′

Post-Frame Steel Specifications

Pre-cast concrete foundation set 4′ below established grade

6″ x 6″ 3 (ply) glue-laminated southern yellow pine posts treated for direct burial with lifetime warranty

2″ x 6″ 0.40 ACQ treated skirt board

2″ x 6″ girts at 36″ on center max

2″ x 4″ roof purlins set 20″ on center

Colored steel drip edge trim caps the sidewall

Colored rake trim caps the end of the roof and endwall

Colored ridge cap with die-cut closure strip caps the roof panels

Large colored corner trim completes the corner

Includes 1 framed & trimmed opening in the center of an endwall

SolarGuard insulation is optional

Concrete slab is optional (not available in all areas)