What is custom?

From our perspective, custom would be considered any design that does not fall within the basic parameters of our pre-designed, pre-engineered, pre-priced buildings.  This would include site work that must be performed to accommodate a structure.

Typical Requests

  • Can you build me a cabin in the Zuni mountains?
  • I want a garage with a bit of usable attic space.
  • I want a “man-cave” with a toilet and sink.
  • I want a small studio, almost like a Bilt-Wel design, but totally different.
  • I want a basement.
  • I want a bid on plumbing, insulation, sheetrock, electricity and some air-conditioning too.
  • Can you add on to my house?

If our hundreds of pre-designed buildings still do not meet your needs, Bilt-Wel will consider building your custom design. We ask only that you bring us a copy of your professionally designed set of plans to develop an estimate from.

Why should I have professional drawings made?

1)      By working with a design professional, you will have design that reflects exactly what you want.

2)      A good set of drawings will define the scope of work for the project, leaving little room for interpretation.

3)      A good set of drawings can be handed to multiple building contractors and get “apple to apple” bids.

4)      A good set of drawings makes it easy for all parties involved to give quick and accurate bids.

5)      A good set of drawings separates the “serious buyers” from the “tire kickers”.