Ultra Sheds

A bigger building for bigger needs.

Imagine clutter free garages & closets – put all your “off season” things in your new shed!

Need a workshop? Need a place for your hobbies?

The Ultra Shed has our most custom items:

  • Add a porch
  • Make it taller
  • Guard shacks
  • Imagine something and come talk to us!

An Ultra Shed is a great shed that you can stand up in!

Ultra Shed Specifications

Interior Peak Height: 8′ (taller available) *

Interior Side Wall: 7′ (taller available) *

Total Exterior Peak Height:  9′ 4″ *

Siding Options: Metal or Painted Smartside

Door Options: 3′ or 4′ door included, can upgrade to 6′ or 8′ double doors

Floor Systems: 3/4″ T&G plywood, 2×6 floor joists 16″ O.C., 5×6 3 (ply) preservative treated skids

Roof: SolarGuard insulated Metal Roof over 2×6 roof joists

Can be built in a “lean-to” style, instead of standard pitched roof

Sizes Available: 64sf up to 400sf

* taller walls available on the Ultra in 1′ increments