Centra Series Small Steel Building Kits

For the DIY Guy

Bilt-Wel is proud to offer the Centra Series bolt up building kits from our metal supplier, Central States Manufacturing

Bolt-Up Building Kits

Easy-to-assemble, affordable, and fast turnaround time!


Centra™ Series Bolt-Up Steel Buildings go up quickly and only require a few tools. They are engineered for easy assembly with no welding. Since we manufacture the components in-house, your order is shipped within a few days. Choose the perfect size, order from your distributor and a complete package with easy-to-follow instructions will be quickly delivered. It’s really that simple.

  • Fast turn-around
  • Easy to follow instructions & assembly
  • No welding required!
  • 3070 Walk Door w/lever lockset
  • Flexible framed opening heights (7′, 8′, 9′ or 10′)*
  • Many options and accessories

Building Package Info

Things You Need to Know

Stamped Plans are Included

  • These buildings are pre-engineered to the design criteria as shown above.
  • These building packages  will come a set of stamped plans.
    • These plans include all of the structural details for the building
    • The plans also include the slab plan and bolt plan.
  • As is the case with ALL steel buildings,  the foundation cross-section details are not included.
    • Each location and site that a building may built upon is different and will have different design to accommodate local conditions.
    • Depth, width, bolt length, re-reinforcement, etc of the  foundation will vary depending on the local site.
    • A licensed PE should be hired to determine the foundation details for your site.