Metal Roof & Truss Combos

B & T Truss has partnered with Bilt-Wel to offer these truss + roof packages that will make your project easier.  These packages can be priced delivered to your project, or for pick-up.

What's in the Package?


B & T can design and manufacture trusses for some really amazing things.  These packages however are currently limited to simple rectangles for now.

  • Each truss package will be designed designed for your application
    • Live load or snow load for you area
    • Pitch
    • Overhang distance
    • Overhang style
    • Dropped or non-dropped gables

Metal Roofing

Once you have designed the trusses to fit your project, then it is time to choose the roofing.  Our package will include all the metal roofing components that you need to finish your roof like a pro (as opposed to chumps that don’t use trim, or use the wrong trim).  Included components in our pre-designed package are:

  •  Panel
    • Your choice of 10 different pricing levels based on the  quality, thickness and styles of the roofing panel.
  • Trim (color and profile matched)
    • Rake trim
    • Eave trim (drip)
    • Ridge cap
    • Outside Closures
    • 1-1/2” Screws (for fastening to wood)


In order for both the trusses and metal panel to be delivered at the same time, both the panel and the metal must fit safely on the trailer.  Some configurations may not allow for delivery of the metal and it will have to be picked up at the Bilt-Wel yard.