Large Custom Steel Buildings

Bilt-Wel loves lumber products!  However, an engineered steel building becomes the obvious economic choice when the size (span) of a structure begins to exceed the clear span capability of engineered lumber trusses and wall systems.   An engineered steel building is the perfect solution for those applications that require a large, tall, wide open space. For this reason, Bilt-Wel  began offering steel buildings to expand our product offering in 2014 to cover this market segment.

Bilt-Wel offers rigid frame steel buildings as a dealer for Steel Tech of the Ozarks.  Each building is professionally designed to the customer’s specifications and the local climate considerations, primarily wind, snow, and seismic.  An engineered steel building can be designed for the simplest rectangular “box” or much more complex designs.  Bilt-Wel can offer these products for sale outside of New Mexico as well.

Product Range

General Guidelines for Minimum Sizing

This product offering has almost unlimited design potential.  Bilt-Wel understands this market well and can offer competitive pricing on steel buildings that meet these minimum guidelines.

  • Clear span greater that 40′
  • Square footage greater than 2500 s.f.
  • Some applications smaller than 2400 s.f. that require design elements not easily accomplished by other construction methods
    • Such as something really tall (>16′ and open sides)
  • Rigid frame design

General Info

Beyond the minimums stated above, the sky is basically the limit for the design of steel structures. Some example application of steels structures:

  • Aircraft hangars
  • Riding arenas
  • Warehouses
  • Offices
  • Bulk material storage
  • Agricultural facilities 

Before You Call

In order to provide a quick and accurate quote, Bilt-Wel will need some basic information. For all buildings:

  • Customer / Job name
  • Building location/zip code
  • Contact information, phone & email

Simple Rectangular Buildings

These buildings are fairly easy to quote.  Please determine as much of this this information before you call.  If you have a drawing or sketch, that will help.

  • Exterior size,  i.e. (80’x100′)
  • Exterior Eave Height
  • Minimum required clearance at the lowest points of the steel frame and the peak of the steel frame.
  • Bay spacing
  • Pitch of roof
  • Position and size of all doors, windows, and other openings
  • Minimum required clearance at the lowest points of the steel frame and at the peak of the steel frame.
  • Type of  roofing material under consideration.
    • Galvalume is the least expensive, a painted roof adds to the cost,

Complex Buildings

A complex building might have:

  • Multiple roof lines
  • Interior columns
  • Multiple heights of sidewall and endwalls
  • Multiple floor elevations
  • Multiple cross sections
  • Collateral dead loads imposed from roof mounted equipment, etc.
  • Considerations for cranes, etc.

These types of structure will be often be used in large commercial or industrial applications.  These buildings may use facade materials on some exterior walls other than metal panels.  Depending on complexity, these structures may take considerable effort just to provide a quote.

  • We will want professionally drawn elevations and floor plans to use during the design process.  A project like this is going to need an architect or engineer anyway.