Contractors & Licensing

Is this guy licensed?

Contractor Licensing in NM

Contractor’s licenses are not issued to a “person”.  Licenses are issued to legal entities such as corporations, LLCs, LLPs, etc.  Responsible and legal contractors will:

  • Have a contractor’s license credentials that are associated with the business that is stated on your contract documents and can be verified on this website.
  • Carry workman’s compensation insurance for you and their employee’s protection in the event of an accident on your property.
  • Carry general liability insurance.
  • Have a CRS# and will collect gross receipts tax from customers and turn in to the NM Department of Revenue (where the state will then waste it)
  • Will hire only licensed/insured contractors when the work is being performed by others.
  • Will pay their direct employees wages, withhold taxes, pay FICA, FUTA, MED and SUTA and report  through the proper reporting channels.

Is this guy insured?

Contractor Licensing in NM

Click the link below to verify the status of an employer’s insurance.  You will need to know the legal  name of the business or the FEIN of the business.

Type in the name of the business,  select a date,and then press search.  If the name of the business is found and is insured on the date given, the website will return a policy number and other information.