Local Links

Local Links

Local Published Ordinances (Boring and Long)

Below are links to the entire municipal codes for the areas Bilt-Wel frequently serve. If you know your zoning you can look under the zoning regs for that zone and see what “they” won’t let you do.  Have fun!

Maps - Look up your Zoning & Legal Description

Other Useful Links

Bernalillo County Zoning Hearing Schedule 2017  (If you want >600SF in the county and you are zoned M-H or R-1, you will need to go to a hearing)


Local Oddities

Bernalillo County

The county likes to butt into your business before issuing a building permit.  This includes mainly two departments:  Natural Resources & Public Works. 

Most of the time the hassle involves some of your time and little bit of money, but is usually easily overcome.

Natural Resources Department 315-xxxx

  • Well & Septic
    • Well- Contact the natural resources department and see if your well is permitted with the county and registered with he state engineer.  Paperwork and a few bucks usually takes care of the problem.
    • Septic – The county will required the homeowner to be an official “waste water operator”.  It’s usually involves signing a piece of paper.  Sometimes it involves an inspection of your system at your expense.

Public Works Department 315-xxxx

  • Grading and Drainage
    • Depending on the location of your property and many other factors, the county might require you to hire a civil engineer to provide a plan to deal with water run-off from your property before issuing a building permit
    • 15% Form-  Usually applies to the east mountain locations.  The “15% Form” simply states that if you ever make more than 15% of your land impervious, then you will hire a civil engineer to make a G/D plan as stated above.
  • Road Maintenance
    • Some times the  county wants you to sign a “Road Maintenance Form”  that states that you don’t expect the county to maintain your private road or driveway.
  • Flood Zone
    • Use the map link above and see if you are in a flood zone.

Buildings Larger Than 600 s.f. in R-1 or M-H zoning

  • If this applies to your situation, then you have to go to  a zoning hearing for a conditional use permit prior to applying for a building permit.  A few bucks and a few months will be wasted in this process.  Experience shows that they always approve you to use your land the way you want to.

Rio Rancho

Some strange rules here…..

  • The city requires a 15′ setback from the rear property line for any structure larger than 120 s.f.  This setback requirement is considerably larger than most other jurisdictions in the area.
  • The city requires any accessory structure larger than 600 s.f. to have a facade finish that matches the primary home.
    • If you have a stucco house, then your accessory structure (> 600 s.f.) must also have a stucco facade.
    • The facade is the side facing the street.


Town of Bernalillo

The last time we checked, a large chunk of the town east of the river is considered to be in a flood zone.  This may require a building pad to be built up “feet” above the surrounding area in order for building to be allowed.

This should be researched when a construction project is being considered.

Santa Fe County

Santa Fe County does not issue building permits, but rather “Land Use Permits”, which must be obtained prior to NM CID issuing an actual building permit.

This organization will take at least 3 weeks to process the paperwork. Simply submitting for the application is difficult and rather expensive.

If you live on a private road, you might be in for quite the experience.  Check this out!